Keep The Dentist Happy With These Dental Care Tips

Gone are the days of bad oral health. People from centuries ago had very short life expectancies because of poor hygiene that led to infections and diseases. In these modern times, you may find not just home dental kits like toothbrushes and toothpaste, but you can also expect modern dentistry treatments that will keep your teeth clean and healthy.There is no reason why you should not enjoy that family gathering or playing in the best pool table tournament!


In fact, there is really no reason why people should still have very poor oral health, especially when toothbrushes and toothpaste can be bought inexpensively at every supermarket. The steps to clean and healthy teeth can be simple, read this article for some dental care tips you can follow.


Have The Best Brushing Technique

One of the best things to do in the morning is to brush your teeth to clean the mouth of plaque and bacteria that were accumulating overnight. Your daily habit should also end with tooth brushing because saliva dries up during sleep, which may stop the spread of cavity-causing plaque. It is important to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and clean for 2 minutes, holding the brush at an angle of 45 degrees. Make sure to clean every surface of every tooth so no plaque is left.


Flossing Daily

Plaque can collect in between the teeth, so flossing is a good idea. This will also address most of the problems because 90% of them happen on the spaces between teeth. Make sure you floss between every tooth and if there are larger gaps, you can opt for an interdental brush instead.


Go Electric

Most dentists will recommend you to use an electric toothbrush simply because they are much better at cleaning your teeth compared to brushing by hand. They also have smaller brush heads perfect for the tooth’s surface and these electric toothbrushes are much faster and more efficient at removing bacteria and plaque.


Get A Waterjet

Waterjets, or otherwise known as Oral Irrigators, are alternatives to flossing. These are devices that produce pressurized water streams that remove the plaque between teeth, achieving what brushing fails to do. Tests have proven that 99% more plaque is removed when a waterjet is used along with daily brushing. Moreover, gum health improves by 93% compared to simple brush and gingivitis is reduced after a couple of weeks.


Prevent Dry Mouth


Saliva is the body’s protection against tooth decay and periodontal disease. When you suffer from dry mouth or insufficient saliva, you can suffer from oral health problems. Persistent dry mouth can be a symptom of disease or a side effect of a specific medication. You can talk to your dentist about products that can stimulate the production of saliva or even replace it.


Keep Breath Fresh

Bad breath is a sign of bad oral health. VSC, or Volatile Sulphur Compounds, are produced in the mouth when naturally occurring bacteria break down food particles and plaque. To maintain fresh breath, you have to clear all the plaque and debris so bacteria have less to eat. They will also reproduce less. Besides cleaning between the teeth, you should also clean the tongue regularly.


Use Mouthwash

An alcohol-free mouthwash is the best option because alcohol is an irritant and might make the mouth dry. It will reduce the saliva in the mouth and make it more vulnerable to bacteria. Mouthwash is necessary because it can reach the areas that are not touched by brushing. Rinse the mouth 2 times a day, in the morning and just before you go to bed.


Clean Your Tongue

Many people overlook this very important step, but the tongue might be the main reason why you have bad breath. Bacteria can build up on the tongue, specifically in the back where it is difficult to reach. A proper tongue scraper is best to remove plaque and freshen the breath. Including tongue cleaning to your daily routine will remove harmful bacteria that tooth brushing is unable to do.

In a few simple steps, you can maintain top oral health and avoid a lot of problems like tooth decay and cavities. Having the right cleaning routine is necessary for removing bacteria and plaque from your mouth, making your dentist happy during your regular visits.