Dental Implants in Las Vegas NV

A smile is contagious. It can lift up a person’s mood and brighten up their day. Some are fortunate to be born with good genes and perfect teeth. If only it was that easy. But having a beautiful set of teeth is a commitment. You need to take care of your teeth by brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist regularly.


For most of us, we have to work hard to get that fitting smile that we need in order to express ourselves better for the world to see. That is why dental care is really important not only for your health’s sake, but also to help gain self-confidence.


We all deserve to have a beautiful smile. Thanks to the advancement of cosmetic dentistry, all that is possible now. Along with the help of the Las Vegas Dental Group, which has been helping people to attain and restore their perfect smiles since 1973, anyone can achieve their dream of a perfect smile.


One admirable trait about the group is their commitment to their patients. They offer a free consultation as a first step. During the evaluations, patients would be advised on what cleaning treatments they would require to restore or achieve an amazing smile.


Some people are hesitant to go to the dentist. Some of them are embarrassed because they don’t have many teeth left due to some necessary extractions done in the past. Some have poor dental health and badly need help. But don’t worry, our dentists are very understanding and they don’t judge. They take pride in smile makeovers. They love to help people feel good about themselves and restore their confidence.


Don’t hesitate to visit our site. It is located in West Charleston Blvd. It is easy to get an appointment. We have nine resident dentists who each have special fields of expertise. They cater to all ages. So if you think you are old enough to get that old smile back, you’re not. It’s not too late to bring back the old you.


During your first cosmetic or restorative dentistry evaluation, the dentist usually will determine if you would need regular checkups or treatments and if you are due for a dental implant or not.


During the evaluation, dentists usually look at three attributes before they can advise dental implants to a patient, such as:


Good health condition:

It is only advised to patients that are in good health condition.


Good oral health condition:

The patient must have good oral health as well. Patients who have gum disease, Periodontial or gingivitis, which is caused by bacterial plaque, are not allowed for dental implants even if they want to. This can be prevented by going to the dentist for regular cleaning at least twice a year.


Sufficient jaw bone tissue:

The patient must have sufficient and deep jaw bone tissues. The dental implant will be inserted deep into the jawbone. If there is not enough tissue the implant would not be advised by the dentist.

If you have a missing tooth, dental implants are necessary and they would not hesitate to advise it. They serve as a replacement root for your missing tooth. The crown is attached to a titanium anchor that will then be implanted to your jawbone.


Dental implants may sound a little scary at first, but after you get one you will love your new smile. Our highly experienced team of dental professionals will be able to cater to your smile makeover with the guarantee of it being safe, successful.


Dental implants are carried out in LVDG labs that are available on site. Thanks to modern dental technology, implant dentures can be done safely and with reasonable prices. Our team continues to deliver the best, affordable and consistent dental care in Las Vegas. Thousands of people have already had their missing tooth or teeth replaced here.


Our patients have established a wonderful relationship with our clinic staff who always takes good care of everyone and make them feel at home. Give it a try, come and visit us.  Step in to our clinic and get a free consultation to get started. Call us at (702) 323-0820 or book online at