Curly Lashes That Look Gorgeous

If eyes are the windows to a man’s soul, lashes are the sweeping curtains that adorn such windows. Long, thick, curly lashes to die for – some women are naturally blessed with them, others strive hard to achieve them. Genes certainly play a big role in determining the thickness of one’s lashes but thanks to beauty technology, people now have the option to grow lashes in less than an hour.

Why women go through the tedious length and spend $$$ for a perfect set of cilium is the reason why many have consulted beauty articles like this.

Evolutionary underpinnings

The goal of the genes is to propagate, and people have learned to rely on overt cues that signify robustness in a mate to ensure the successful mating and survival of genes. To put this in the beauty context, men have learned to look at physical traits in a woman that reflect her capacity to mother an offspring – wide hips for successful birthing, clear complexion for signaling a parasite-free body, and so on.

Not all signs are physical, yet following the evolutionary perspective, it may very well be that a beautiful pair of lashes extends beyond its aesthetic purpose. Lashes, besides offering protection from the entry of foreign objects, awaken and enhance the beauty of the eyes. And eyes that sparkle seemingly reflect drive, enthusiasm, and optimal health. Well-groomed lashes further send the signal of a woman’s attention to detail and self-care.

The evolutionary signaling process is largely unconscious nowadays. But at the very least, this allows you to understand that the False Eyelashes Beauty Trend is never superficial.

Achieving the eyelash dream

Now on to the real deal, what are the ways to achieve gorgeous lashes? Sadly, you cannot drink supplements to grow an extra inch of hair or curl even a strand. Some of the available safe and proven ways to enhance the lashes are external solutions, yielding results either short-lived or semi-permanent.

Temporarily, you can apply a volumizing and curl-defining mascara from the eyelash root to tip and perm the set using your manual curlers. This instantly gives you the eye-popping effect. Another way is to attach a pair of falsies using a glue on every occasion that calls for it. The latter option is viable for an everyday look, too. But in this case, investing time is crucial.

Semi-permanent options include eye-perming treatments (if you’re satisfied with the length already) and eyelash extensions. Lash permanent waves or simply perming lasts anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months before regular touch ups are required. The technology allows beauticians to bathe the hair in perm solutions, then in a neutralizer and lastly a reconditioning oil. A silicone pad or traditionally a rod is placed on the upper lids to guide the hair direction as it relaxes.

However, if the lack of hair is your ultimate problem, an eyelash extension is the remedy. Such remedy lasts for 6 months maximum before they fall out or become coarsely textured as every 2 to 3 weeks hair naturally goes through the weeding cycle. Unlike falsies, extensions stay glued onto the hair, about 1 mm from the lid.

Extensions, natural or synthetic, enhance the fullness, length, and curliness of your lashes, costing within $150 to $600 depending on the client requirements.

Implants as permanent solution

That little stretch of hair overlapping the slits of the eyes may appear significant, but boy do they create drastic changes to the face. Imagine a full-on eye makeup without elaborate lashes. The final look is akin to a glass half-empty.

If none of the above solutions fit your style, there’s still hope. A recent beauty procedure called eyelash implantation allows experts to collect natural hair follicles from a donor site (e.g., back of the neck) and surgically implant them into the recipient site, which is the eyelid. Because this outpatient process is relatively tedious, the hours may be long, about 3 or more, producing an average of 30 hair follicles implanted.

But the reward is worthwhile. The growth is permanent and strands are natural. During implantation, beauty doctors pay attention to the angle and direction of the cilium to create natural-looking full, curly lash sets.

Exercise caution when perming or extending your lashes. Even simple mascara application is believed to damage your natural lashes and cause more damage than beauty. Choose experts when opting for cosmetic solutions. Eyes have sensitive nerves and delicate parts you don’t want to risk.