All the Facts You Need To Know About Colloidal Silver

There have been questions on the risk and benefits of silver in the body. There are many products that have been manufactured and the marketers lay claim they help in curing and preventing certain ailments and body conditions. However, health professionals have questioned these claims and stated there is no evidence to link them to cure and prevention or even supplement benefit. This article looks into colloidal silver and answers all questions regarding it.

SilverColloidal silver basically involves suspension of silver particles in a colloidal base. Physicians used it in the 20th century but in the 1940s it was discontinued in many parts of the world; the emergence of safer and more effective antibiotics led to this. However, this did not stop the use but it has always been marketed as an alternative medicine and especially clouded with controversy over ability to cure all ailments claims.

Even with the discontinuation of colloidal silver use in medical cases, it is still available in many countries as a homeopathic therapy and dietary supplement. The fact remains that it is not known to be effective or safe in treating any known ailment. However, this has not stopped some companies from making dubious ads with some unsubstantiated claims of the ability to cure over 650 ailments.

Long term use is known to cause a condition known as argyria. Argyria is as a result of the deposit of silver saltsin the skin, kidney, liver, brain and muscle. This condition leads to skin discoloration which is irreversible; it usually starts in the gums. It can rouse the production of melanin in the skin; as a result, the areas which will be exposed to the sun will become discolored.

Special precautionary measures are recommended for pregnant women. It is very unsafe for pregnant women to administer it. It can lead to abnormal development of babies; the face, ears and neck can undergo abnormal development due to increased silver levels.

There have been several cases of argyria documented. These have been the side effects of silver products which have been reported over time. Most cases revolved around skin discoloration and this has continued to raise alarm far and wide. As a results, it has been banned in many countries and in most cases it cannot be sold as an over the counter drug.

As stated, there is insufficient evidence for curative and preventive attributes of colloidal silver. But many phony manufacturers have laid claim especially through internet advertisement that it is able to kill all disease causing fungi, bacteria and virus. They claim it can cure and prevent various infections such as emphysema, rosacea, stomach ulcers, gum disease, fungal infections, bronchitis, yeast infections and many others.

Over the years, many companies have been banned from false representation of colloidal silver and in most instances they have also been fined by many consumer federations. They have been warned against making unsubstantiated claims that it can treat the advertised illnesses they usually claim it does. In most instances, there is even a ban on any related marketing until medically proven.

Efforts are being made by various organizations to curb illegal supply of silver products. It has beenpointed as a major health issue. The risk of use also outweighs any claimed benefits. Consumer caution is thus urged to avoid imminent risks.